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The Oregon Open Data Portal includes a wide range of data assets and resources. For additional information, or to share your ideas and suggestions for future datasets, please review the categories and contact links below. 

Suggest a Dataset or Data Asset
The Oregon Open Data Portal includes a wide range of data assets including: datasets, views of datasets, calendars, maps, and other informational resources. We are currently reviewing our "Suggest a Dataset" process and will provide an update upon completion. For additional information or questions, contact

Contact a Dataset Owner
To contact a dataset owner directly and pose questions, comments, or make suggestions for future datasets, follow the steps below. 
Next Steps
  1. Go to the dataset of interest. Click on the "Actions" option.
  2. From the drop-down list, click on [Contact Dataset Owner].  
  3. A form will appear. Enter your questions, comments, suggestions, and your contact information. Click [Send] to submit.
  4. Your questions, comments, and suggestions will be sent directly to the dataset owner for review and consideration. 

Oregon Public Meeting Manager Application
Agencies with questions about the Oregon Public Meeting Manager, and for those in need of a user's guide, or general information, visit the Oregon Transparency website  or email

Open Data Portal
For questions about the open data portal, open data program, agency inventory, resources for Agency Open Data Coordinators, or the Oregon Open Data Progress Report, visit or email

 Agency: Open Data Publishing 
Agencies with questions about publishing their data inventory assets, either manually or through various automation options, visit to learn more or email

Geospatial Data & GeoHub
Agencies with questions about publishing geospatial data assets, or to learn more about the Oregon GeoHub visit or email