What is this?

Woman holding tablet displaying graph
Access Oregon's Data
Oregonians want more access to data collected and stored by Oregon's state and local government agencies, so in 2011 Oregon launched the Data.Oregon.gov providing you the ability to view, search, sort, filter, and download data.
Government provides open data
Improving Transparency
Data.Oregon.gov is helping provide easier access to public data online. With our new social data site, agencies can focus on what data is considered public instead of the technology.
Oregon map with bar graphs emerging from center
Visualize the data how you want it
Never before have had we offered so much flexibility. Now you can create graphs,maps, and calendars on the fly. Filter, group and sort the data any way YOU like it. You can even embed it in your blog or website with live updates.
Hand drawing colorful graphs and charts
You can change it
You don't need to be satisfied with our versions of the data. You can create your own filters, charts, roll-ups and more. Sign up, save your views and share with others or even on your website!
DGAA and NASCIO awards
Outstanding Achievement
Oregon's Open Data Portal has received the top awards from the Center for Digital Government and the National Association of State Chief Information Officers.
Golden Pioneer that stands on top Oregon's capital building
Pioneering Social Open Data
Pioneering comes naturally to Oregonians. When it came to putting an open social data platform based on Socrata technology online, the State of Oregon pioneered the way. Most of our population is online and now it is easier than ever before to put our data online.